Medical Business Advocates Telehealth services are based on computer and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and control health care.

Portal for patients

Medical Business Advocates telehealth services help with the online patient portal. The portal offers an alternative to email, which is generally an insecure means of communicating confidential medical information. The portal is a more secure virtual tool where you can review test results and summaries of previous queries, schedule medical appointments, or request appointment reminders.

Virtual medical appointments

We assist with medical appointments, allowing you to see your doctor or a nursing staff member through an online video conference. These appointments will enable you to receive ongoing care from your GP when an in-person consultation is not required or possible. These services are helpful for minor illnesses that care for patients without a scheduled medical appointment.

Remote control

We allow the doctor or healthcare team to monitor your health remotely. This service includes: Web or mobile applications to upload information, such as blood glucose levels, for the doctor or healthcare team to see Devices that wirelessly measure and transmit data, such as blood pressure, blood glucose, or lung function. Portable devices that automatically record and transmit information

Health Information Management & Personal medical records

An electronic personal medical record system with information about your health that you can control and keep. These personal health record services can be accessed at any time using a device with Internet access. In an emergency, a confidential medical record can quickly provide vital information to emergency personnel, such as current diagnoses, medications, drug allergies, and your doctor’s contact information.

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