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Benefits of Medical Business Advocates’s Payment Posting Services

Managing revenue in healthcare billing is a complex process that requires accurate payment posting. By predicting reimbursement trends and financial status, providers can resolve denials quickly and efficiently. To achieve this, healthcare organizations need an effective payment posting service.


At Medical Business Advocates, we have over 10 years of experience providing dependable and affordable payment posting services to healthcare providers of all sizes. Our well-defined posting process guarantees a fast turnaround time. Our clients, from large hospitals to small practices, trust us to accurately post insurance payment data, checks, and patient payments. We follow the industry’s best practices and information security protocols to ensure our services meet your business requirements.

After payments have been applied to patient accounts, there’s an opening to scrutinize your revenue cycle and identify areas that could be enhanced. With the support of our proficient payment posting analysts, you can optimize your revenue cycle by boosting profitability and reducing accounts receivable days.

Accurate payment posting can be instrumental in resolving several issues that may plague your revenue cycle. Our team can assist you with precisely posting adjustments and denials, identifying the underlying reasons for denials, and taking steps to prevent future occurrences.

Efficient revenue cycle processes directly impact the effectiveness of medical office staff. If problems are identified, our team can assist in evaluating whether the process needs to be added, improved, or removed from the current system, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the revenue cycle.

While preventing denials is the best way to resolve them, it’s not always feasible. Unresolved denials can significantly increase your accounts receivable days. Our team has the expertise to quickly identify and re-file contradictions accurately, considerably reducing A/R days.

Precise payment posting also affects the accuracy of claim submissions to secondary and tertiary payers. We ensure that the primary payment is posted accurately, ensuring that the secondary and tertiary payments are billed correctly. This level of accuracy contributes to increased satisfaction among vendors and customers alike.