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Millennials Prefer e-Statements

As a leading provider of patient statement services, we are fully aware of today’s generation’s changing preferences. Research indicates that almost 90% of millennials prefer e-statements, and we’re confident that we can cater to these needs. Our efficient and secure platform makes the transition from paper to electronic statements a breeze for healthcare providers. By providing e-statements, our clients can meet the digital generation’s demands and reduce paper waste while offering patients more convenient and accessible statements. Trust Medical Business Advocates to simplify your patient statement processes and provide a modern, eco-friendly solution that aligns with the preferences of today’s generation.

Top-Notch Patient Statement Processing Services.

Patient statements are essentially medical bills that are either sent to patients through regular mail or electronically. As a healthcare provider, you might be spending a significant amount of money on issuing patient statements, and you may even have dedicated administrative staff for handling medical billing.

However, with the help of a patient statement service, you can outsource all these tasks to a third-party provider. This can result in lower administrative costs for your practice, more efficient collection of medical fees, and allow your staff to focus on providing better care to your patients. Ultimately, a patient statement service can prove to be invaluable for your healthcare practice.

Features of Our Patient Statement Generation Services

Sending balance reminders via text instead of mailing paper statements is a cost-effective and time-saving option that not only prompts patients to pay their bills electronically but also reduces administrative expenses. With a patient statement service, you can send electronic statements to multiple patients simultaneously, and auto-scheduling ensures that statements are sent on time and prevents overbilling. Additionally, patient statement services offer a variety of statement layouts to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your practice.

Timely Communication

We ensure patient statements are delivered on time so that healthcare providers and patients can communicate effectively. We provide accurate and detailed reports quickly and facilitate transparent and efficient financial interactions.

Payment Efficiency

Our services are designed to optimize payment efficiency through timely billing and clear patient statements. With well-organized and easily understandable statements, we increase the likelihood of on-time payments and ultimately reduce outstanding balances.

High-Quality Statements

Our main goal is to create top-notch patient statements that are accurate, clear, and complete. We pay close attention to detail to ensure patients receive professional, error-free statements. This approach helps to build trust and enhance patient satisfaction.

Quick Turnaround Time

We promise fast patient statement delivery and quick service turnaround. Our commitment prevents delays and helps resolve billing inquiries promptly.


Clear and timely statements improve patient and physician satisfaction, streamlining the financial management process for physicians and enhancing the patient experience.

Financial Transparency

We strive for clear financial transparency in patient statements, promoting trust and open communication between patients and healthcare providers.

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