We handle the billing process for hematology procedures, from coding to payment posting and denial handling. Our experienced team stays up-to-date with codes and regulations for maximum reimbursement. We provide detailed financial reports to help you make informed decisions and focus on patient care while we handle the paperwork.

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Our Hematology Medical Billing Includes

  • Coding and Documentation: Our team of experienced coders reviews the documentation of each hematology procedure to ensure accurate and complete coding. This helps prevent billing errors and potential denials from insurance companies.
  • Claims Submission: We submit claims electronically to insurance companies for quick and efficient processing. We also track claims to ensure they are paid on time and follow up on any outstanding payments or denials.
  • Payment Posting: Our team posts payments received from insurance companies and patients into your practice management system. We also reconcile payments to ensure accurate accounting of all funds.
  • Denial Management: We work with the insurance company to determine the reason for the denial and take appropriate action to resubmit the claim or file an appeal. This helps maximize your reimbursement and reduce lost revenue due to denials.
  • Insurance Verification: Our team verifies patients’ insurance coverage prior to their appointment to ensure that the services provided will be covered. This helps avoid surprises for patients and reduces the risk of denied claims.

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