Medical Business Advocates is the go-to destination for Gastroenterology Billing. Our comprehensive services simplify revenue management, ensuring accurate claims submission and maximizing reimbursements. Partner with us to offload billing burdens and focus on patient care. Our experts handle claim generation, submission, payment posting, and denial management using advanced technology and best practices. We tailor our services to fit your unique needs, staying updated with billing regulations and guidelines. Expect transparency, efficiency, and a dedicated partner committed to your financial success. By outsourcing to us, enjoy increased efficiency, improved cash flow, and reduced errors. Experience the difference with Medical Business Advocates – contact us today!

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Process of Our Gastroenterology Billing Services:

We offer a wide range of essential services that function as an extension of your practice. With our expertise and commitment, we ensure smooth and efficient billing operations, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care. Our services include:

  1. Patient enrollment: We handle the entire patient enrollment process, ensuring accurate and complete information is obtained. This includes gathering demographic details, insurance information, and any necessary consent forms.
  2. Insurance verification and authorization: We verify patients’ insurance coverage and obtain prior authorizations when necessary. By thoroughly checking insurance benefits and requirements, we minimize claim denials and delays.
  3. Coding: Our skilled team of medical coders accurately assigns the appropriate codes to the medical procedures and services rendered. This step is crucial for proper billing and compliance with coding guidelines, ensuring optimal reimbursement.
  4. Payment posting and reconciliation of accounts: We meticulously post all payments received from insurance companies and patients, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Our team also performs regular reconciliations to identify any discrepancies or outstanding balances.
  5. Accounts receivable management: We actively manage your accounts receivable, diligently tracking and following up on unpaid claims. Through prompt and persistent communication with insurance carriers, we strive to expedite claim processing and maximize collections.
  6. Patient collections: We handle the billing and collection process with patients, sending out accurate statements and providing clear explanations of charges. Our courteous and professional team assists patients in resolving any billing inquiries and facilitates the collection of outstanding balances.

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