Medical Business Advocates provides exceptional dermatology billing and coding outsourcing services to improve your practice’s revenue cycle management. Our skilled team analyzes and enhances your billing procedures while ensuring accuracy and efficiency in claim processing. Our use of advanced technology guarantees timely submission and payment of claims. By partnering with us, your staff can focus on patient care and growth while we handle your billing and coding needs. We offer transparent communication throughout the process, along with customized reporting and analytics to help you monitor your financial performance. Rest assured that with Medical Business Advocates, your billing and coding processes are in expert hands.

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Benefits of our Dermatology Medical Billing Services

When you entrust Medical Business Advocates billing with your medical billing services, you stand to gain numerous advantages, including HIPAA compliance, increased reimbursement rates, an improved revenue cycle, effortless implementation of Medical Business Advocates, prompt follow-ups, 24-hour billing services, noteworthy reduction in AR (Account Receivables), budget-friendly pricing, and the freedom to work with the EHR/EMR of your preference, as our team of medical billers can proficiently handle any of them.

  1. Experienced and skilled medical billing professionals to handle your billing needs.
  2. Access to the latest billing technology and software.
  3. Minimized billing errors and reduced claim denials.
  4. Increased efficiency and productivity for your medical practice.
  5. Improved patient satisfaction due to streamlined billing processes.
  6. Flexibility to scale up or down your billing services as per your requirements.
  7. Reduced administrative burden, allowing you to focus on patient care and other essential tasks.

Features That Make Us Best Dermatology Medical Billing Services Company

  • Automate billing flow, patient handling, eligibility checks, and insurance communication for 98% accuracy within 24 hours.
  • Medical Business Advocates ensures accurate claims processing by thoroughly reviewing and correcting incomplete or rejected claims.
  • At Medical Business Advocates, we proactively follow up with insurance companies based on their payment schedules, ensuring that outstanding accounts receivable older than 60 days remain under 20% and those older than 120 days remain below 10%.
  • Medical Business Advocates accurately manages accounts receivable by inputting data on benefits, patient payments, and insurance payments into our billing software.
  • Customized account statements with outstanding balances are sent out to patients by us.
  • We provide complete practice workflow support for your staff, from patient management to document uploads and secure messaging.
  • We ensure that claims are submitted to insurance companies within 48 hours of receiving patient encounter forms, whether in paper or electronic format.
  • Medical Business Advocates delivers a weekly practice scorecard that highlights important information such as booked revenue, collected revenue, and outstanding revenue. We can also provide on-demand reporting as necessary.

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