RCMMatter dental billing services ensure accurate and timely insurance billing. Nothing can disrupt your workflow when you have us to keep things in order. Our dedicated team works hard to save you from claim rejections, increase your profit, and assist you in growing. Say goodbye to the days when you had to waste your time on phone calls with insurance companies. Instead, use RCM Matter to concentrate solely on your patients’ care while the world’s best dental billing specialists handle your insurance verification and bill collection tasks with strict adherence.

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Filing Claims on Time

We let your team focus on patient care while ensuring you get paid quickly and correctly. Every appointment is reviewed daily to ensure all claims are filed on time. We also frequently review your “Claims Not Sent” report to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Billing Collection & Verification

We collect your hard-earned bill payments from insurance companies in real-time to maximize your revenue. We check your patient’s active coverage to verify their eligibility for the required diagnosis and procedures.

Precise Payment Posting

We aim to make each patient’s account ledger as simple as possible. Posting insurance checks and correctly calculating write-offs ensure you are always aware of your patients’ credits and balances. This simplifies the process of sending statements.

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Experienced and trusted dental billing coders; available experts at Revenue Cycle Management; Customized Reporting; 100% HIPAA

Effective Management

We relieve your staff from dealing with time-consuming patient verification and payment collection issues.

Competitive Service Plans

We offer a variety of scalable monthly packages for dental insurance service fees to keep it affordable and simplified.

No Long-term Contracts

We confirm risk-free monthly or long-term contracts allowing you to opt out of our services whenever possible.

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