Common CPT Codes for Chiropractic Practice

In the medical world, chiropractic is a manual treatment solely focusing on diagnosing musculoskeletal disorders. It is usually treated through acupuncture or pressure points so the body heals itself without needing machines or devices. Chiropractic has grown in popularity as an alternative treatment for various medical ailments in recent years, despite not being part of conventional medicine.

The manual manipulation of any herniated vertebrae or bulging disc is typically an integral part of chiropractic treatment. According to chiropractors, these manipulations can improve the body’s musculoskeletal alignment, such as the spine, guaranteeing a better lifestyle. Patients who have considered trying chiropractic for severe musculoskeletal issues have found it effective in terms of managing cervical and frozen shoulders problem. Overall, the sole aim of chiropractic is to enhance joint motion and function.

Chiropractors need access to accurate chiropractic CPT codes to bill insurance companies for services appropriately rendered. If you’re a chiropractor or a patient, knowing how to interpret these codes will go a long way toward getting you the care you need to be covered by insurance.

Let’s begin now!

Here are the Most Frequently Billed Chiropractic CPT codes

Codes for Evaluation and Management (E/M)

  • 99201-99205: Depending on how complex the management evaluation is, these codes are used for new patient appointments at the office.
  • 99211-99215: These codes vary depending on the level of complexity involved and are used for regular patient visits at the office.

Methods of Treatment

  • 97110: Therapeutic exercises are physical activities that regain or improve motor function, such as strength, range of motion, and flexibility.
  • 97112: Neuromuscular reeducation retrieves the brain and muscles to work together more effectively.
  • 97140: This entails using traditional therapeutic methods, such as spinal manipulation and joint mobilization.
  • 97124: Massage is the art of manually manipulating soft tissues to boost blood flow, ease muscle tension, and induce calmness.
  • 97150: Group therapy techniques are used to treat numerous patients at once.


  • 97010: Treatment with heat or cold packs.
  • 97012: Traction therapy, also known as mechanical traction, is a treatment in which devices exert a pulling force on various body parts, including the spine.
  • 97014: Stimulation by electrical currents, sometimes known as electrotherapy.
  • 97032: Electrical stimulation for therapy using unsupervised electrical stimulation.
  • 97035: The therapeutic use of ultrasound, in which high-frequency sound waves generate heat and aid in healing.

Radiological services

  • 72040-72083: These codes cover a variety of X-ray operations for various body parts, including the spine, pelvis, and extremities.

Chiropractic manipulation treatment (CMT)

  • 98940: CMT, one to two areas of the spine.
  • 98941: CMT involves manipulating three to four areas of the spine.
  • 98942: Five areas, spinal manipulation, and CMT.

Controlling radiology services

  • 76140: radiologic examination consultation.
  • 76499: The radiographic diagnostic technique is not listed.
  • 77002: fluoroscopic guidance for placing the needle.
  • 77012: computerized tomography guidance for placing the needle.
  • 77021: Guided by magnetic resonance for the insertion of a needle.

Aside from chiropractic care

  • 99070: Braces, tapes, and other therapeutic supplies are materials and supplies given by the chiropractor.
  • 99281-99285: If a chiropractor offers services in an emergency room environment, emergency department services.
  • 99441-99443: Services for evaluating and managing patients over the phone and counseling and management from a distance.

Management and Evaluation of Rehabilitation Services

  • 99231-99233: Chiropractic treatments are provided in a hospital setting, followed by hospital treatment.
  • 99304-99310: Care is provided in a nursing home after a chiropractor offers services.

Additional chiropractic techniques

  • 97530: Dynamic activities that are part of therapy are used to enhance functional capacities.
  • 98943: manipulating the extremities or something else extraspinal.
  • 99075: Medical evidence will be used if a chiropractor testifies as a specialist witness in a court case.

Management and Reevaluation Codes

  • 99241-99245: Chiropractors that offer consultation and evaluation services may use these services.

Additional Services

  • 97016: Vasopneumatic devices are used to increase circulation by applying pressure and alternating compressions.
  • 97022: Warm paraffin wax is applied in a bath to ease pain and speed healing.
  • 97028: Utilizing ultraviolet light for therapeutic reasons is known as ultraviolet light therapy.

Treatment Techniques for the Extremities

  • 97150: Group therapeutic procedures are similar to the earlier ones but focus on the extremities.
  • 97750: Testing a person’s physical prowess to determine their capabilities and limitations.

Treatment of Conditions and Injuries

  • 97161-97163: Examine patients receiving physical therapy to evaluate patients with several diseases or injuries comprehensively.
  • 97164: Physical therapy must be reevaluated to update treatment plans and gauge patient improvement.

Procedures for Neuromuscular Reeducation Therapy

  • 97112: Similar to the code stated earlier but with a concentration on the extremities is neuromuscular reeducation.
  • 97760: Care and instruction for individuals using orthotic or prosthetic devices; orthotic and prosthetic management.

Aside from chiropractic care

  • 98926: For chiropractors who also do osteopathic manipulation, see osteopathic manipulation.
  • 99080: Special reports or forms must be prepared, going above and beyond the standard paperwork.

Management and Evaluation of Consultations

  • 99251-99255: For chiropractors offering consultations in a hospital or inpatient setting, inpatient consultation services are available.

Additional chiropractic techniques

  • 98925: chiropractors who also offer osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT).
  • 99071: Patient education resources for giving patients access to resources or educational materials.
  • 99078: For holding classes or educational sessions for groups of patients, see group health education.

Long-Term Services

  • 99354-99357: Long-term assessment and management services are offered when the provided evaluation and management service necessitate more time than is typically necessary.


That’s all, then! Some of the most typical CPT codes used in chiropractic care and their definitions have been discussed. Although insurance billing occasionally appears challenging, familiarity with these codes can make the process easier for patients and chiropractors. Knowing your coverage is essential, so it’s always best to talk to your chiropractor and insurance company.




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